The Culinary experience may include one or more of the activities below


Wine and extra virgin olive oil tastings

    Let us take you to centuries old olive oil mills and wineries, run by the same families for generations. Meet the owners, visit their property accompanied by them and enjoy the tasting together. This will render your tastings so authentic and local, unique to this area.

Local food specialities

Cookery classes

in typical places such as Apulian farmhouses, the famous “Masserie”, or historical Baroque Palazzi with beautiful and unexpected ancient kitchens with antique collections of handcrafted copper pans. The classes are taught by Salentinian women with a passion for cookery. 

Patisserie workshops

run by young and enthusiastic local entrepreneurs. An art which has run in the family for a long time but now taken over by the new generations who have kept up the tradition by modernizing it. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Prepare traditional desserts, ice-cream and patisseries in their laboratories. 

Dairy farms

Guided tour around the farm, accompanied by the owner who will explain the different procedures from milking to producing dairy products. The visit is followed by a tasting in the olive grove. 

Organic vegetable gardens

Exquisite restaurants

in the most beautiful and authentic places.

Food fairs

Countless food fairs organised in the central "piazza" of the villages to celebrate local food. Historical events which have become one of the trademarks of this part of Italy and the perfect occasion to taste authentic local dishes and experience the celebrative spirit of southern people.

Local patisseries and bakeries

with some of the best products in the region. Artisanal savoir-faire passed on from generation to generation.

Culinary tours

A perfect blend of culture, exploration and enogastronomy. Walk around picturesque small towns accompanied by our experienced guides while stopping at the best cafes, food and ice-cream shops, bakeries, patisseries, wine bars and restaurants. Taste freshly made artisanal products while retracing the history of the town and its food traditions. 


These workshops are not only about tasting and learning how to cook Salentinian specialities but also an opportunity of having a true and sincere exchange with the people and therefore learning even more about the region and its food and wine culture.

Our bespoke itineraries may include one or more of the above-mentioned activities. Additional experiences can be organized based on your request and preferences. Get in touch with us by clicking HERE.

Transfers may be included if you wish to be accompanied or you can also reach the locations by yourselves following our instructions.