examples of local artisanship


“L’arte dell’intreccio”

the art of weaving together branches, shoots and rushes.
Visit the laboratories of "giunchi" craftsmen, fishermen and artisans who dedicate themselves to creating baskets, lamps, home decor, purses and much more.

Artisanal food

such as marmalades, jams, patisseries, typical kinds of bread
(pizzi, puccia) and much more.

Textile factories

Handmade lace and embroidery

Ceramics & terracotta

Papier-mâché laboratories

«La pietra leccese»

The local limestone employed for centuries to build most of the old towns throughout the region. Nowadays artisans have learnt to diversify its use by ably crafting works of art made out of this very particular and light-coloured limestone. 

Copper, brass & wrought iron
 Craftsmanship of  copper, brass and wrought-iron are heirs to longtime artisanal tradition. Their work has embellished for centuries the kitchens of beautiful private residences. 


Many unknown talents which risk disappearing or changing radically in the near future. Discover Apulian artisanal savoir-faire which renders this southern-eastern area of Italy so unique and authentic. Artisanal works passed on orally from generation to generation, father to son, mother to daughter. Original and autochthonous techniques and expertise.  

Hidden treasures which are usually left out in tours, genuine activities present on the territory which only able connoisseurs of this region can reveal to you. 

Don’t miss out on a unique exchange with the extremely gifted artisans of the area!

Our bespoke itineraries may include one or more of the above-mentioned activities. Other experiences can be organized based on your request and preferences. Get in touch with us by clicking HERE for further information or to receive the full itinerary. 

Transfers may be included if you wish to be accompanied or you can also reach the locations by yourselves following our instructions.