This experience may include one or more of the activities below


Private boat excursions

to explore the coast and its many grottoes along the way.
Enjoy the excursion by yourselves or be accompanied by experienced skippers.


Sailing experience

along the coast to admire its marvels while relaxing with your friends and sipping a drink or having lunch. Admire the view and bathe in some of the most paradisiac bays.

Relaxing day at the sea

in one or more of the marvelous bays along the Adriatic
or Ionian coasts on a private boat with lunch or aperitif on board. Enjoy the sea also from beautiful resorts along the coast.

Snorkelling & Diving 

Fishing Experience



The Salentinian peninsula , “a land in-between the seas", is characterized by more than 200 km of coastline. 
The Adriatic and Ionian seas over time have shaped the coast into its present aspect. A coast which is never the same, never monotonous. Beaches, dunes, nature reserves, costal towers, lighthouses, promontories, grottoes, low rocks and high cliffs offer a prism of colours and breathtaking landscape. Explore these extremely resourceful coasts through adventurous experiences or simply by relaxing on a private boat or in a sea resort.

Our bespoke itineraries may include one or more of the above-mentioned activities. Additional experiences can be organized based on your request and preferences. Get in touch with us by clicking HERE.

Transfers may be included if you wish to be accompanied or you can also reach the locations by yourselves following our instructions.